EchoICON™ MK2 System4


EchoICON™ MK2 System 4

Have you been looking for the perfect starter package for
battery Powered Uplighting? OR do you want to add to the
System you already have? Well…here it is! EchoICON System 4.
What is the EchoICON MK2 you ask? The EchoICON MK2 is a battery Powered
LED Par with 8 of the 6in1 18 Watt RGBWA+UV HEX LEDs. Featuring  up to 20
Hour Battery Life with Wireless 2.4 gHz DMX built in. The EchoICON
is also IR Remote controllable. You can master slave link them with
the IR Remote control and Wireless DMX. You also get the Charging
Roadcase that will store you fixtures and for fast and east charging
use the built in charging prots by connecting the case to wall outlet.

Weight and Dimensions

  • EchoICON 4 Pack Case Dimensions (L x W x H) 24.5″ x 23.5″ x 13.0″
      Weight 32 lbs. (Empty)
      Weight 72 lbs. (With 4 EchoICON in Case)

 EchoICON MK2 System 4 (Black) – MAP $2250

(4) EchoICON MK2 RGBWA+UV Battery Powered LED Par with Wireless DMX Built in
(1) IR Remote

(1) EchoICON 4 Pack Charging Road Case
(4) 4″ Locking Casters
(4) 1 foot long Charging Cord
(1) 4 foot long Case Charging Cord


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