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Eternal Lighting’s Mission Statement:

To bring design inspiration and lighting innovation to every Entertainer, Event and Venue worldwide!

Founded by Mark Maillet, Eternal Lighting has become the premier lighting source for professionals in the DJ and entertainment industries since 2009. Having been in the industry for many years, Mark has been able to bring his passion and knowledge to ELC to provide the best possible service and products to customers all over the world. Whether you’re new to the business or have been providing event services for decades, you’ll appreciate Mark’s expertise, candor and integrity through every phase of the process.

Eternal Lighting Company is based in Houston, Texas and proudly serves customers nationwide and internationally. ELC provides LED lighting products for the professional DJ’s, Churches, Bands, stage, church, school, concert venue, club, dance hall, or anywhere lighting is needed.

Embracing new technology to use less power and energy while still providing the outstanding lighting effects our customers have come to expect is on the forefront of ELC’s philosophy. Our products are Eco friendly. Thinking Green! Remember, Lighting makes all the difference.

Mark Maillet

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