Only attempt to change the ip address if you need to use an ip address besides

This is the IP Address set up out of the BOX and will work with the Airprot Express or
Airport Extreme out of the BOX. However, if you want to change the IP address because of
other working network in your building set up on another Airprot Express/Airport Extreme,
that has the same IP address you then would want to change the IP Address and
follow instructions of the User Manual.

Update: Nov 2017: 3Pin DMX (Only available)

•   Easy DMX conversion between Ethernet and DMX
•   Bidirectional conectivity of Artnet to serial DMX512
•   Easy to use with any ArtNet Required device including Vibrio and Luminair
•   2 DMX universes (1,024 DMX channels) are Supported
•   Multi Colored LEDs Identifying the DMX 1, DMX 2, and Server Mode
•   Fixture ID address assignment and operation
•   (2) 3-Pin
•   (1) RJ45 Input
•   Power Supply Included


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