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IR Remote Plus

IR Remote Plus


The IR Remote Plus was designed for the EchoMATE and CUBEecho IP65 HEX at time of the release of those items.
The IR Remote Plus will work with any 2.5 or higher program version in the CUBEecho MK2, EchoICON MK2,
EchoEDGE MK2, CUBEecho IP65 HEX, ShowCUBE, or EchoMATE. The remote works on several Eternal Lighting
products and is an extension of the 4 button display. To activate a button/feature of the IR Remote Plus press
desired button/function to activate on the light/device you are controlling with the IR Remote Plus. Keep in mind
you must point the IR remote at the IR (Infra Red) Sensor on the light/device.

The IR Remote Plus (44 Button) is compatible with lights listed above version 2.5 or higher. Available after 02/2016

The following are the functions and modes you can use to control the fixture with the IR Remote Plus.

Master Power On/Off
Auto Program Mode (Up & Down)
Fade Mode (Up & Down)
Sound Active Mode (Up & Down)
(2 Sound Modes - Can not adjust the modes, they are set to activate on sound)
Strobe with Speed Control (Up & Down)
Speed Control (Up & Down)
Preset (Up & Down)
Auto Program Mode with Speed Control
Master Dimmer (Up & Down)
DMX Channel Mode selection (Up & Down)
DMX Address (Up & Down)
Set Master/Slave

Standard Colors
Hot Pink
Candle Light
Warm White

Color buttons on the (IR Remote Plus) Values listed below:

Red: (value Red 255)
Green: (value Green 255)
Blue: (value Blue 255)
White: (value White 255)
Amber: (value Amber 255)
UV: (value UV 255)
Orange: (value Red 50, Green 30, Amber 200)
Cyan: (value Green 255, White 255)
Purple: (value Red 210, Blue 255)
Pink: (value Red 255, White 50)
Hot Pink: (value Red 255, UV 255)
Candle Light (value Green 20, White 25, Amber 255)
Warm White: (value White 90, Amber 255)

Shut (Shut off static colors to Blackout and pauses the auto program on EchoMATE)

(4) Custom program colors A, B C & D) Select desired Custom button.
Then adjust color values Up & Down to set Custom color.