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CUBE4 DMX Eternal Lighting

I didn't want to write much today but after thinking more and more about this video in today’s blog. I felt I wanted to share a few more of my thoughts. But first......Watch the video courtesy of Main Event Weddings.  Okay now that you are back, you might have noticed some of the CUBE4 DMX in action. It is very clear that the CUBE4 DMX does and awesome job of color wash and design with Bob Carpenters special touch of the lighting design and programming. However, I noticed something else that impressed me about this clip. The crew over at Main Event at the direction of Bob and Michelle really have perfected the level of service they offer to their clients. They sure are not the average DJ/Wedding Entertainment Company. They far exceed what is the 'norm'. The song selections were spot on which kept the dance floor full of energy. Then, of course the lighting design was excellent. However, at the end of the clip. Take notice to what the bride and groom say. The explained how great Photographer was and mentioned how great Bob and the rest of the team were. You can hear it in the bride’s voice how sincere she was in how she felt. This made me think a little more about 'average' DJ, maybe this type of service that Main Event Weddings is offering should be the norm. I know I am inspired by the work they do. You can read more in the current issue of Moile Beat Magazine, where publisher Ryan Burger interviews Bob Carpenter, really great stuff in that article. Check it out if you have a moment. Well here is the clip!  Thank you for checking out my Blog. - Mark Maillet

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Lighting makes all the difference!