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Livewire Productions using Eternal Lighting ElitePar5 for the "Gold Star Gala"

Eternal Lighting ElietPar5 Livewire Productions
From an Eternal Lighting customer Posted on Facebook:

Wade Vanderboom: of Livewire Productions:
So I had a chance to evaluate the ElitePar5 fixtures on this gig. I'm old school, so I prefer the direct power. Eternal Lighting listened and brought these onboard complete with the wireless DMX. I have to say I was impressed. The room was 180' x 104'. We were set up in the back center running front of house. I put the perimeter uplighting on a separate PC running Lumidesk.

We had fixtures in the room, out in the foyer, and even outside the building all tied into the wireless sends and they all worked flawlessly. We mounted a single Eternal Lighting XTmitter Pro wireless send 8' up on a stand for the transmitter. Multiple stone walls, and a 40' send presented no problems for the outside fixtures.

Needless to say they were bright. Even the two techs from Air Supply commented on how bright they were for such a small fixture.

I ran them through their paces and created complimentary purple and gold to match the "Gold Star Gala" theme, a patriotic theme, blush pinks (Hey, it's Air Supply for Christ sake :) ), and blues for the majority of a complimentary backdrop during the concert with the blush pink and broadway pink thrown in and switched to Amber fill for bringing up audience participants and more.

A couple really nice things about the fixtures is that in addition to the ordinary palette to work with, I got a kick out of creating "Ice Blues" and "Ice Lavendar" colors. Withe the addition of white LED's in the mix complimenting the Ambers, it made for a some pretty "cool" colors :)

Another was the intensity of the amber colors allowing us to match the gold stars projected on the ceiling by our Source 4's.

All in all, I really liked the fixtures & we'll be bringing these into inventory.