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W-DMX is now an available option with all CUBE Series products.


Eternal Lighting has now partnered with Wireless Solutions from Sweden to now offer the W-DMX integrated into all of the CUBE Series. What is the CUBE Series? CUBE is an acronym for "Compact Unplugged Battery Emitter". All of the CUBE Series has our advanced technology Lithium-Ion Battery system designed for long battery life over any other manufacture around the world. We have engineered thermal protection to keep from battery over heating during the charging process along with a Limiter to keep the battery to over charge. The CUBE Series has over a 600 Re-charge life expectancy. This means years of real world use. Now with this new partnership with Wireless Solutions we have integrated the best Wireless DMX for those critical use applications or the production company who wants the best and most robust solution in the industry. W-DMX was launched by Wireless Solutions in 2004 and quickly became the unofficial industry standard solution for wireless DMX. W-DMX has a strong distance range typical up to 500 Meters. W-DMX also has DMX / RDM (Option for sACN and ArtNet).


The CUBE Series can all be ordered with W-DMX. For pricing and availability please contact an Eternal Lighting Authorized dealer.





The transmitter recommended for our W-DMX outfitted products would be the Wireless Solutions Black Box F-2 G4 MK2 which has 2 DMX universes, Powercon input, Ethernet connection for ArtNet, and 5pin DMX in/DMX out for both DMX unnerves.