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Can you create this deep purple that you see in this photo?

So often people ask me how to create a deep purple with their lighting. I often explain it is hard to create dark or deep purple with lighting because we are working with exactly that, Light. You do not have Darkness with light, because darkness is without light. The same goes for Browns, maroon, Burnt orange and Forrest Green. In paint, fabrics and solids you can create those colors because you have the ability in the manufacturing process to add black to mix with colors to create these colors. Lighting is opposite of this. So, usually after explaining this I might get a rebuttal such as. Well I saw a photo online of a deep purple with uplighting. I would point out, the camera that took that photograph sees the light differently, then in turn the contrast, brightness and hue settings on the display you are viewing the photo on can effect what you see. For example, see the photo I have attached today. This is the same photo with no photo edit, it is just opened on two different displays from a shared display from the same computer. You can see the one on the right has deep vibrant purples, the one on the left has more tones of Blues and light purples. Please keep in mind when you are meeting with a client and discussion of color choices comes up. Educate them about lighting and how it will dramatically improve the ascetics of the room. Choose colors that will contrast and compare with their vision. Work with the client to come to a solution that will wow them and their guests. I hope this simple demonstration gives you a better understanding of lighting and how we see it versus what your client might see in a photograph online.